DeMarcus and his Baby Mama Drama

DeMarcus Cousins is a well known professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers. According to an article in the New York Times, he was recently accused of choking and threatening to shoot a woman. The woman is known to be his ex-girlfriend with whom he shares a child with. She has requested a protective order against him due to his frightening actions. He had threatened to shoot her the day before his own wedding. The news website TMZ released an audio recording of a phone call said to be of DeMarcus threatening to shoot the woman if she did not let their child attend his wedding. She had also added in the court filings that he had choked her in the past. She claims that he said he would shoot her in the head “even if he didn’t have to get his hands dirty doing it.” 

This situation enhances social aggression from DeMarcus. Social aggression is aggressive behavior that contributes to physical or emotional harm towards a target. People who are social aggressive may be irritable, impulsive, angry and even violet just like DeMarcus. There are reasons behind as to why he showed this type of behavior. Aggression usually occurs when one wants to express anger, assert dominance, express possession, or to simply threaten and scare someone in order to get what they want. He clearly showed this social aggression because he was angry at the woman for not agreeing to allow their son at his wedding. He wanted to be in control and was unable to which is a main reason he went to the extreme of the threat. 

Another concept that this story enhances is social trap. Any situation where what looks like a good choice for someone at the moment turns out to be the wrong choice for those around them. At the spur of the moment, DeMarcus probably thought that his threat was good because it would scare her and he would get what he wanted which was for his son to attend his wedding. A father who wants his son there is nothing bad at all! He did it a good intention but he failed to realize that his actions were unjust. This case ended up affecting those around him. A spokeswoman for the Lakers said “We are aware of the allegations involving DeMarcus Cousins and, of course, take this claim seriously. We are in the process of gathering information and will reserve further comment at this time.” This would put bad attention on the team since he is a part of it which shows the concept of social trap. 


Yamilex Bello


“Cancel Culture” Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick, who is known for taking a knee to protest racial injustice, is in the news again after his agents say the NFL is refusing to try him out. Colin Kaepernick’s saga took another turn with the NFL after an arranged workout and a quick dash 60 miles to the other side of metro Atlanta, where the exiled quarterback staged his own impromptu passing display on a high school field in dwindling light as hundreds of fans cheered him on from behind a chain-link fence.

Kaepernick stated: “I’ve been ready for three years. I’ve been denied for three years. We all know why. I came out here today and showed it in front of everybody. We have nothing to hide. We’re waiting for the 32 owners, the 32 teams, Roger Goodell, all of them to stop running, stop running from the truth, stop running from the people.”

Kaepernick has been effectively blackballed by the NFL as punishment for his protests during the national anthem to call attention to police brutality against people of color and economic disparity.

This situation can be a theory of aggression to a response of frustration in regards to Kaepernick being frustrated with not having the chance to work for three years in the NFL. That being said, his action toward wanting his practice and workout to be recorded could have been out of frustration with waiting for his come back approach after that time and being denied the ability to do so could have been the trigger in his action to make his own workout and practice.

The main and overall theory that is brought up from all of this over the last three years was the discrimination that went on towards Kaepernick. Discrimination is the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex. From the moment he kneeled during the national anthem, He is a person being denied employment opportunities in the NFL. His personhood is being persecuted for protesting on behalf of people unprotected in our society. People who have been unjustly killed by police officers with virtual impunity.

Colin Kaepernick knew that he was being exiled from the National Football League for publicly protesting against the American pastime of violence.



Rowing into Friendships and Confidence

Getting into college is challenging, but trying to get in on a rowing scholarship is even harder. According to a news article in the New York Times, written by Juliet Macur, for Sebastiana Lopez, it is more challenging than it ever has been. Currently, Lopez is a high school senior, 17 years old, and she is the leader of a rowing team. Ever since she was an eighth grader, she signed up for a nonprofit organization, Row New York. This organization’s main goal is to teach underprivileged New York City students how to row and at the same time give them academic support and college counseling that they may not be able to afford if they didn’t get into this program. Sebastiana was motivated to join because she loves rowing and she wanted to boost her resume, but she also knew that it was going to be difficult for her family to support her financially if she got accepted into any college.

Row New York doesn’t just give underprivileged students the ability to gain scholarships, but they also defy many stereotypes that are attached to rowing as a sport. A stereotype is an overly fixed idea, or image, of a certain group of people or thing. In other words, people attach a certain idea that they formed over time to a person or thing, but it may not necessarily be true. In this case, many of the Row New York teams go against the usual stereotypes of rowing as a sport. Whenever people usually look at the sport of rowing they see it as a sport for the wealthy, since all of the equipment is expensive, and for the white, because those are the only people you see in competitions these days. Many of the people that are registered rowers in the United States are identified as white but, Lopez’s teammates are the opposite of this stereotype. “Lopez’s teammates are first-generation Americans… with parents from countries like Mexico, China, Ecuador and Belize, and several are immigrants” (Macur). This is a stereotype because whenever people think of the sport of rowing, they associate the wealthy to it. This is due to the fact that the sporting equipment is expensive and, the competition locations are far away which would mean that you need to be able to afford to go across the country for tournaments. Also, most of the rowers that are registered are white, which has been like this for a long time, but what they don’t know is that there are more and m

ore people of color that are rowing as well. The public has been forming their opinion on this for a while, which means they are less likely to believe that the times are changing due to these stereotypes. The girls that are in this organization are from different neighborhoods that are located all over New York City, and they are extremely determined to change their lives for the better. Lopez herself also defies the stereotype in many ways. She is from Queens, and she lives in a three-bedroom apartment with her parents, who are Mexican immigrants, and her two younger brothers. She knows that her parents work extremely hard in order to support her family as well. Her father works 13 hours a day to support his family and her mother works long hours in a nail salon. This only makes Sebastiana work even harder to achieve her own goals not just for herself, but for her family as well.

This program is not just for getting a good scholarship and doing well on standardized tests, it is also a way for the youth that do join to make friends. Most of these students feel a need to belong to some group so that they can “get away from the pressures of their daily lives” (Macur). The feeling of needing to belong is also a kind of motivation to get to know others and form relationships that provide positive effects in the long run. Arshay Cooper, the program’s chief community and youth engagement officer, said that when he was on a rowing team in the program “he and his teammates used the sport to escape the hardships in their neighborhoods” (Macur). Sebastiana also felt like the rowing team helped shape her into a better version of herself. She was very shy before she made the team, and she was also very afraid of swimming, she failed her swim test two times, but her teammates helped support her by telling her that she could do it. Her teammate, Naya Clark, said “I’m here for you, and you got it!” (Macur). Now, Sebastiana and Naya are best friends. This one interaction made the feeling of needing to belong draw her to the group even more. She felt like she wanted to belong in this group of people that bring each other up and want to bring the best out of each other, this was something that she never experienced before. The friendships that she built over time helped keep her involved, and made her even more invested in what her group was doing and going to achieve in the future. Lopez herself even said “they trusted me. It makes you feel like you matter and belong” (Macur). Now, Sebastiana Lopez feels like her need to belong to a certain group helped motivate her into becoming best friends with everyone in her rowing team. She didn’t just gain a scholarship out of rowing, but she also gained her best friends and the confidence that she never knew she had.

Macur, Juliet. “She Wants to Row to Get From N.Y.C. Into College.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 25 Nov. 2019,

Messing up my DRIP

October 31, 2019

Being a professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association (NBA), there are many rules and regulations that have to be followed. The NBA is one of the most wealthiest and most known associations in the world. Even though it’s seen as entertainment, for the company and players it’s more as a business. These players sign certain contracts where they make millions of dollars and sign off against certain rules. The NBA and its commissioner Adam Silver has a lot of power and can make some scary decisions.  These athletes sometimes like to take matters into their own hands and sometimes do things that the NBA doesn’t like, such as only being able to dress up classy with a suit for courtside games, unable to wear fancy jewelry, and different amount of accessories. If the NBA doesn’t agree or if players don’t follow the rules they can either be fined by the league or suspended for sometime without pay.

Having that type of power can affect a lot of people, and for these players this is their job, most of them players haven’t finished college. Basketball is all they know, they wouldn’t know how to do anything else. Being suspended for sometime usually comes without pay which forces these players to follow the rules even if something doesn’t seem that important. In one case with the NBA, they fined some athletes for not hiding their tattoos. Don’t get me wrong, these players also like to have their voice be heard, so they will speak up when they feel like the NBA is cooperating like they should. The National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), is where players throughout the league are selected to represent the players in their own right. Before the start of the 2019 season, the NBA notified all players the banning of the ninja style headbands, and for many players that rubbed them the wrong way. The NBA’s main reason for banning these headbands were “teams having raised concerns regarding safety and consistency of size, length and how they are tied, which requires a thorough review before consideration of any rule change (Saddler).” Another interesting point, the headbands were made by nike, which is a manufacturer for the NBA,  it was a nike product so it didn’t make sense why the NBA forced players not to wear them, Mike Scott said “Who knows why the league has decided to no longer allow these headbands. It’s even more confusing given that Nike is the manufacturer of this particular piece of sartorial flair, and the idea that the NBA would take money out of the hands of its apparel partner is sort of odd (Delgado).” Players right away took to twitter, complaining about how the NBA doesn’t want their players dressing unprofessionally. 

This move by the NBA shows them using their power and knowing these players would follow by the rules anyways. This action by the NBA displays the concept of obedience, which is a  type of compliance involving acting in accord with a direct order or command, these players had no other choice than to follow the rules. As stated before the players really don’t have any other choice with this ban of headbands for the league, if they continue to wear it, it will eventually lead into fines and suspensions, and with the season just starting no player wants to miss games when they don’t have to. When Milgram brought up obedience, he spoke on different situations. With the NBA they used the concept of legitimacy of authority, these players know the league has all the power in their own future, they know what consequences come with wearing these headbands.

What’s interesting about the decision of banning headbands, the NBA only looks out for themselves as a business and not the benefits of the players. With this action it shows another display of the lowball technique, which is a tactic for getting people to agree to something. People who agree to an initial request will often still comply when the requester ups the ante. Throughout training camp and practice, there was a dress code that allowed these used of headbands, which players felt excited about bringing out new colors and designs on these headbands. When the ban came to light the NBA knew players like “Jimmy Butler, Jrue Holiday, and Mike Scott, had embraced the look but would also feel a certain way with the banning of them (Saddler).” The NBA knew these players in reality wouldn’t fight back because they’re not going to want to lose their job over headbands, but most players felt it was harmless to the game. This gave the NBA an upper hand on these players knowing they still want to be paid and basketball isn’t just a job but a lifestyle to these guys.

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AnD THe bESt FAtHEr aWaRD GOeS tO…

Lavar Ball (52) father of NBA player Lonzo, LiAngelo and his youngest son LaMelo is co founder of the Big Baller Brand. The brand is also co founded by Alan Foster and they sell clothing, sporting gear and sneakers. One of the main problems with this brand is that the prices are not reasonable. Sneakers started from $400 and clothing started from $50, sales were so bad that they had no other choice than to drop the prices and hope that people would start buying their clothes. The brand was starting to get off the ground until a scandal happened where Lonzo (Lavar’s oldest son) accused Alan of stealing $1.5 million dollars from him. This caused Lonzo to leave the brand because he wanted nothing to do with Alan. Lonzo is the only son in the NBA so once he left the brand so did his fans which put the brand in a bad spot.  

On an episode of “Ball In The Family” Lavar and Lonzo got into a disagreement over the brand’s name. Lonzo suggested that his father should change the name due to the scandal with Alan Foster. According to Lavar then said to his son “When I come out with a name and somebody asks me to change it, that’s like people saying change Lonzo’s name to Alfonzo on the fact that he been damaged goods for the past 2 years.” Many people found this comment to be very disrespectful because when Lonzo first joined the Lakers his father had nothing but nice comments to say about him. Now that Lonzo has been traded to the New Orleans Pelicans and just got off from an injury he was called damaged goods by his father. Lavar is a Free rider, which is someone who benefits from people around them but gives back little to nothing in return. Lavar is not in the NBA and he has never played basketball professionally but he continues to stay relevant and make money off of Lonzo. Since his Lonzo made it to the NBA Lavar has managed to start his Big Baller Brand. Lavar is ultimately making money because his son plays basketball professionally. Lonzo is working for his money and Lavar is riding on his son’s coat tail. Instead of Lavar saying that to his son he should’ve been more supportive of him being that the Lakers was his son’s dream team and his son is the reason why he is making so much money.

At this meeting Lonzo went on to ask a partner of the brand what he thinks. Lavar immediately shut it down and said “I don’t care what he thinks.” Lavar is only Lonzo’s father but he spoke to the other three men at the table as if they were his sons. The men said nothing and they just listened to Lavar rant. Obedience is when an authority gives orders and people comply to it without questioning what they were told. This situation shows obedience because Lavar was rude and dismissive to anyone else’s ideas but his own and it showed. Lavar is the head of this company so this allows him to say and do what he wants because he is the boss. One of the factors that causes people to be obedient is legitimate authority. Lavar has legitimate authority over the men at the table which causes them to not say much because Lavar has the power to fire them at any given time. Which essentially leads the men to listen to him even if they don’t agree with what he is saying

Nesbitt, Andy, and Email. “Lonzo Ball Needs to Finally Ditch LaVar Ball after Being Called ‘Damaged Goods’.” USA Today, Gannett Satellite Information Network, 17 Sept. 2019,


The Dolphins say “Ight ima head out” 

Miami Herald presented the latest in a recent news article on the Miami Dolphins and the start of their new season. The Miami Dolphins’ roster is usually what’s blamed for the unsuccessful outcomes of their games. However, ever since the football team was given a new coach named Bryan Florez for the season, and the team took a historic loss against the Baltimore Ravens on September 8th, 2019, The team members and fans are beginning to look at Coach Flores sideways. Coach Bryan Florez is an American football coach who has taken on multiple roles with the New England patriots. He’s mainly known for his long-time job as a defensive assistant for the Patriots, and his work has shown through Patriots’ success. As new head coach of the Dolphins, he decided to put the team’s most talented players on defense: Xavien Howard, Reshad Jones, and Charles Harris are just to name a few. This decision may have been a mistake even though as an ex-defensive assistant, you’d think Flores would know the right strategies to bring home a win. 


The Ravens scored 42 points within the first half of the football game. According to the article, Coach Flores was the first coach in 100 seasons to allow the opposing team to gain the most points in an opening half of a game while it being the beginning of a new season (Columnist). The defensive line up Coach Flores constructed ended up being a recipe for disaster and it allowed the Ravens to take over easily. In other words, the Ravens “lit up the Flores Defense like a candle (Columnist).” The Dolphins loss this huge game 59-10. The team blamed Coach Flores completely and the loss caused many of the members to want to be traded to a different team with a better coach. The concept that applies to this matter is called Self-Serving Bias. Self-serving bias is when credit is taken for a good occurrence and blame is placed on the outside sources for when something goes wrong. In this case, Coach Flores was blamed for the Dolphins’ loss. The team members also used this as an excuse to leave the team because they now have someone to put the blame on besides themselves. As I stated earlier, the Dolphin’s roster already wasn’t the best and it has been partially responsible for their losses in the past. For the past 3 seasons the Dolphins were coached by Adam Gase and the Dolphins weren’t placed 1st in the American Football Conference (AFC) East ranking, nor have they been placed 1st in the past decade. For the past 2 seasons, they’ve had a losing record; they lost more games then they won. This shows that no matter who is coaching the dolphins are accountable for the way they play their football games, whether or not they win or lose. This is clear evidence that the team members displayed self-serving bias. 

One of the Dolphins football players Minkah Fitzpatrick acted on impulse and made the switch a reality. According to the article “Here’s how the Dolphins players reacted to the Fitzpatrick trade, plan to replace him,” The team “bemoaned his departure (Jackson).”  Minkah’s actions displayed the concept of individualism, which is putting one’s own goals and ambitions above a group’s, as well as establishing one’s true self in terms of personal attributions. Minkah was drafted by the Dolphins in the first round of the 2018 NFL draft directly after he finished college. Being drafted in the first round is known to be impressive because you are identified as a good candidate for whatever position you play whether it be wide receiver, defensive back, quarterback, etc.  Minkah traded to the Steelers for the 2019 season, which displays that he’s not willing to waste any time on a team that’s not elevating him in his career. This demonstrates the difference between individualism vs. collectivism. Collectivism is the concept of giving a group or team view priority over your individual opinions. Minkah Fitzpatrick’s decision to satisfy himself individually instead of being collective took a toll on his teammates. When asked about how he felt about Fitzpatrick’s trade, his fellow teammate Bobby McCain replies, “It sucks, it sucks,” and furthermore says how Minkah is a friend of his and a brother of the entire team, however, “It’s football, it’s the business (Jackson).” This confirms that sometimes when being a football player you have to make tough decisions but it’s all for the better. 


Trump Vs Ball

In today’s news or sports reports it is common to see the faces of either President Donald Trump making news in sports for all the wrong reasons or the father of NBA rookie Lonzo Ball Lavar Ball. These two names have been the headlines of news for their respective reasons whether on twitter or through media influence and branding of his children in each case. All of that came to a head when these two brash and cocky individuals collided on the case of Lavar’s son Li Angelo Ball who was arrested in China for shoplifting a pair of expensive glasses along with two other teammates.

Trump claims to be the reason for the UCLA basketball players release taking to twitter to look for credit in his role of getting the kids out of the prison. Trump displayed mediation and arbitration as a neutral third party to find a basis to have the kids released from the prison. Lavar on the other hand wanted nothing to do with Trump claiming his role was over-hyped in the freedom of the children. He also believed Trump’s warrant for thank you wasn’t necessary in his interview with ESPN saying “who?”, “What was he over there for?” When asked further comments on the situation Lavar declined to answer but also continued to deny Trump’s role on how the kids were able to come back to the states. Trump’s attempt to help the family with a deal with Lavar and the Chinese government. It did warrant a thank you if Trump did play a role in the release of the kids but the ego of Lavar seems to refuse to let anyone get the upper hand on him. This later resulted in a response from Trump saying that he should have let the kids sit in jail. Trump later did receive a thank you from the three basketball players at a press conference held by Ucla.

Donald Trump’s actions showed a sense of integrative agreement in which he could put himself in the spotlight as a public hero to the world and by saving Li Angelo and the other two kids from a hefty jail sentence would do the Ball family a huge favor. In this case it ultimately did not turn out the way Trump wanted do to the character of the man he was dealing with in Lavar Ball who is never afraid to stand up in front of a camera and say what he wants to say.

In my opinion I believe that these two men let their pride take over when it comes to what they do. Everything move they make today is viewed in the public and they seem to love the attention and making sure people know what they are up to. They are both going to be attracting this type of noise whether as the president or the NBA in terms of media. The two of them made sure they made headlines together when it came to this recent collision course.

-Paget Bramble


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Business or Personal ? Lebron & Kyrie

When Kyrie Irving decided to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Boston Celtics, it stuck a great controversy due to the fact that he didn’t talk to his teammate Lebron James about his decision. Lebron James is known as one of the best basketball players of all time and is basically the head of the Cleveland team.  In multiple interviews, Irving said that it “wasn’t anything personal” and said he didn’t have to talk to Lebron about it. In a recent article, Kyrie Irving explains how playing with other unbelievably talented players has increased his growth process in the NBA, and that he is simply ready to move on.

There are two psychological concepts that tie into this situation and they are self concept and individualism. Self concept is a belief or concept about oneself and Individualism is the way people identify themselves.  Irving wanting to move on to another team is an example of individualism because he identifies  himself as a good player and is focused on how well he is playing and what he can do. Self concept ties into this situation because Irving believes that he is better than he was when he first started and is now ready to leave and be better for another team.

In a statement made by Kevin Durant of the, Golden States Warriors, to yahoo sports he said:
“It’s just a regular NBA problem, right? A lot of teams have gone through  this before,” Durant told ESPN. “They’ll figure it out. That’s a great organization, a championship organization. They’ll figure it out.”

These situations tend to happen a lot within the NBA, which leads many to think that this is a business issue. Meanwhile others say that it is a personal issue.




Genesis Carpio

Frustration, Aggression, & Baseball

Is losing what brings upon frustration and aggression or does frustration and aggression bring upon losing? Not only are the members of the Mets team upset, but their fans also are experiencing much frustration after a recent loss to the Nationals by 18 runs. This kind of brutal loss has the power to turn teammates against each other and cause internal and external problems for the team. Aggression and frustration is seen in many professional athletes due to their competitive nature. Aggression is the physical or verbal behavior intended to hurt someone else. Frustration is the blocking of goal-directed behavior. Together, these two ideas could be what causes a loss or the effect after a loss.

One probable cause to this ruthless game may be due to an injury faced by pitcher, Noah Syndergaard. This situation left not only Syndergaard frustrated, but the rest of his teammates, coaches, and managers. After the game, fingers started to be pointed and the responsibility was put on others out of frustration. The general manager of the Mets, Sandy Alderson, put the responsibility on Syndergaard for avoiding to get an MRI exam when his injury first began.  

Aggression and frustration often come hand in hand when related to sports. Frustration occurs when we are expecting gratification, but something is holding us back from that. The Mets have beat the Nationals two times before this game. They were expecting a win, and when something was blocking them from that aggression was seen through the team, coaches, and fans. The overall dynamics of the team and stadium dramatically changed as the star pitcher was taken out. This was most likely prevented the win that the Mets anticipated.

In a recent study researchers recognized that sport aggression, over the years, has become a major problem on and off the playing field. They directed a study comparing real life aggression and sport aggression. In the end, there were not many differences indicated. The hostility of both aggressions were similar. One difference that many may see as obvious, is female athletes do not show as much aggression as male athletes. This was proven to be true, however more hostility and competitiveness is seen in female athletes today. This may be due to the highly competitive nature to do what it takes to receive rewards for victories. We can see this behavior in professional athletes who are widely broadcasted, making the acts of aggression and frustration more common and easily accepted.  






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Rachel Platko

We Knew They’d Win

By: Jordan Benavides 

The city of Boston has been glorified by historic sports teams like The New England Patriots, which has pleased the city with five Super Bowl wins since 2002. Led by arguably the greatest quarterback of all-time Tom Brady and multiple players with Super Bowl experience, a 21-3 halftime deficit during Super Bowl LI was “obviously” nothing to worry about for their supporters and some players.

After the Patriots had completed the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, many of their fans claimed “they knew it all along.” Even one of their own players, Matthew Slater claimed to be calm about the huge hole they had put themselves in. “No panic. We are squatting 80 percent of our maxes on Super Bowl week. We worked for this,” he said. Another one of their players, Chris Hogan said, “There wasn’t a doubt in my mind. We have one of the best quarterbacks that ever played the game.”

The look on most of the Patriots and even their fans didn’t express much confidence when they were down 25. Broadcasters praised the play of the Atlanta Falcons as cameras kept showing a look of defeat in the eyes of Tom Brady, who AFTER winning the game claimed he “wasn’t thinking much” when the Falcons went up 28-3 during the third quarter.

Optimism? Cockiness? Both? Or just your average case of the hindsight bias. Also humorously known as the I-knew-it-all-along phenomenon, hindsight bias occurs when we don’t expect something to happen, but when it does, we claim to have “known it all along.” The hindsight bias is composed of three levels. Memory distortion, inevitability, and foreseeability (Roese 2012).

These three levels were all clear and seen during Super Bowl LI.

Level One: Memory Distortion

There’s no question some Patriots and their fans had to have given up during the start of the 4th quarter. The second they finally tied the game, all those negative thoughts quickly disappeared.

Before comeback: “Damn, it’s over. We lost.”

After comeback: “I knew we’d come back!” (Previous opinion gone like it never came)

Level Two: Inevitability

One has to justify this complete change in opinion after the amazing comeback.

“The falcons didn’t have enough experience. Tom Brady’s the greatest, he played in 6 Super Bowls before this, he had to bring us back.”

Level Three: Foreseeability

“I knew we’d come back, and win!” (Or every other Patriot quote mentioned above)

The hindsight bias comes up frequently in sporting events, especially if you’re a “die hard” fan. Everyone loves “knowing” that it was going to happen, even after the majority has given up. Patriot nation didn’t look like they had much confidence when Stephen Gostkowski clanged the extra point field goal off the post to end the 3rd quarter. They didn’t look confident when Tom Brady was sacked for a fifth time during the 4th quarter. But with the Patriots being the historic franchise they are, who could have doubted this historic comeback???   


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