It’s Not As Bad As You Thought , It’s Worse

               The forerunner in almost all things internationally has been stalling for the past decade. The United States Of America has unfortunately been on the decline in regards to the academic sector. Only a third of fourth-graders are deemed proficient in reading this is quite literally the future of the united states, and as time goes forward literacy is decreasing. Nationally around a third of eighth-graders are proficient in reading and math. The education secretary Betsy Devos was even quoted saying the overall national results are indicative of ” a student achievement crisis.”

                       The problem is we have conformed and obeyed an archaic educational system that we continuously pour money into which is not helping the main error. Another error I would say is the conformity and obedience that takes place currently on a student’s social sphere. Kids do not read as often that is just a general fact. They form these groups and then they bully the readers of the book. This turns the landscape of education to conform with us and alter your behavior so we are more comfortable; Obey our behavioral norms and bothering and harassment stops. Children, especially at the age groups that are falling behind international peers in education, are the ones that are the most sensitive to social influences and conformity and obedience are so obviously blatant. You ask a class right now who reads, I guarantee all will not raise their hand despite them reading even if they do by some statistical miracle. This carries over as I even said prior that as it develops it becomes adult conforming to the way things are and unknowingly but actively disenfranchising America’s education.

                         The problem with conformity I would say is that it is such a hard thing to tear from as it can genuinely be a good thing. Instruction that promotes more obedience from students has especially be beneficial throughout the educational experience. In Washington, they introduced free pre-k and this has demonstrated the academic layout to come to youth.   Also, I would say the consistent boasting that America is an individual’s country and individualistic has tainted our behavior. People now think they can perform and do as they please and that the system will help pick up where we lack.

                   This is no easy task of undoing centuries of conformity and obedience, but the lagging behind of our educational system, literacy and general academic proficiency is unacceptable for a twenty-first-century society. Schools are now only five to eight-point from the national averages. There is still more alteration needed to be done to our academic system to rid our students of their conformity to illiteracy and our policymakers in their rigidity to the tradition. Officials are actively disenfranchising students and pushing them to conform with the coasters and the chillers of our generation by pushing them to graduate regardless of truancy. If we keep on this path, we will all be so damn stupid that conformity and bad/good obedience won’t matter jack diddly. 


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