The Backstreet Boys are Back and Crazier Than Ever

Nick Carter, singer from The Backstreet Boys filed a restraining order against his brother Aaron Carter, singer and start of “Aaron’s Party”. According to NCBC News, Nick Carter 39, states that Aaron Carter 31, allegedly threatened to kill Nick Carter’s pregnant wife. Aaron Carter suffered from multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, acute anxiety, and manic depression and is taking Xanax and the antidepressant Trazadone which he had stopped taking on four occasions. Aaron Carter claims that he had had no contact with his brother for years but that he (Nick Carter) has been trying to institutionalize him (Aaron Carter). Under California statute, Section 5150 of the Welfare and Institutions Code, Nick Carter does have the ability to institutionalize for 72 hours, his brother Aaron Carter, if he is a threat to himself or someone else. Aaron Carter states that he does not intend to harm any one and wants to remain at a distance from his family and that he does not need to be on his medications and will taper them off.

Nick Carter’s continuous efforts to keep Aaron Carter stable and away from his family exhibits the effect of locus of control. Nick represents his use of internal control. Internal locus of control is believing that one’s efforts have an impact on a situation. External locus of control is when one believes that fate has the biggest impact on a situation. Nick Carter represents the internal locus of control because he believes that his efforts to institutionalize his brother and to get a restraining order would prevent bad things from happening to his family. Nick believes that if he files 5150 with the state (the code that allows him to institutionalize his brother for 72) this will prove that Aaron is mental unstable and would lead him to get further treatment. The effort of getting a restraining order makes him think that he has control of whether or not Aaron can be in contact with his family. Although, Nick thinks that he has control over these because of his efforts; it is not garneted that his actions would actually prevent Aaron from hurting someone else.

Nick Carter also represents the illusion of control. Illusion of control is when when one believes that they have power over uncontrollable events. Nicks efforts to file for a restraining order gives him the comfort and an illusion that he has power over whether or not Aaron comes near his family. Nick believes that if he does get Aaron institutionalized then that would allow Aaron to receive help and prevent him from hurting himself or someone else. However, in reality, he does not have any actual input on whether or not Aaron does something drastic and pursues to find Nicks family.

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Sierra Metviner

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